Thriller and Saga

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The Ludlum Prediction - Quentin Cope

When a geeky computer specialist, a fanatical right wing religious sect and some of the most frighteningly powerful Foreign Intelligence Agencies in the world collide, 'The Ludlum Prediction' is born. Will there be a 'second coming', or simply everyone coming second in a plot full of intrigue, double cross and spectacularly failed military adventures. The facts are there ... the figures are there. You decide..! However, what appears to be the end could in fact be only the beginning. The evidence is there, the figures add up, the prophetic inscriptions on some newly discovered ancient 3000 year old wooden tablets confirm it. What is right ... and what is wrong? Is it happening now ... and is it stoppable? Read it for yourself. Only you can decide!

Deliver by Moonlight - Quentin Cope

Like most good stories, Believe In The Betrayer, first book in the 'Carlisle Trilogy' series, is one of moral choice, beginning in 1920's France when the illegitimate boy child of Eve is snatched away at birth by a detached and heartless father. But how can she satisfy her torment, tangled within a web of lies and deceit expertly played by a scheming Gestapo Captain Steiger. Eventually, her choice will end up being sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice; but will her tragic death be enough to satisfy and give peace to the tortured and confused mind of young American OSS agent Pierre, who is left with the cold, hard choice of many truths to ponder. In the eventual well planned escape, Eve bravely surrenders her life to save the rescued 'Pierre' and as the psychologically damaged agent eventually absorbs the facts about his situation ... he knows he is being left without any choice in a still confused mind other than create a new belief ... one that will drive him forward into a new world, with a new identity and a thirst for the continuing conflict!

Carlisle - Quentin Cope

In this sequel to 'Deliver by Moonlight' one man turns his back on war and the sordid mechanics of international espionage facing more than one life defining decision. Will the stunningly beautiful agent Vivette reappear and reveal her true identity, or will a substantial financial legacy throw his whole existence into total disarray? 'Carlisle' is a gripping fast moving story chronicling the life and legacy of Glenn Carlisle, someone with a violent and disturbing past and an emotionally chequered future. Set in the period 1944 to 1976 during the uncertain times of post world war II America and acted out under the deepening shadows of a new cold war with Russia, Carlisle weaves a sometimes distressing path through periods of love and passion along with other particularly disturbing events ending in loss and revenge. Glenn Carlisle is a man used to walking near the edge; harvesting some politically tricky problems combined with a certain amount of diamond encrusted luck along the way. Fortunately, Carlisle knows that some problems can be solved simply by throwing money at them ... and Carlisle has a lot of it! However, his life plan eventually emerges from a particular period of darkness and confusion as he is primed to make a surprising discovery ... and one with the potential to change his life forever. Will such a change be enough to eventually slow down a man like Glenn Carlisle? Conceivably in a final reckoning, someone will need more than god and good luck on their side, especially with a lifelong attachment to the murky world of covert espionage where nothing is ever really finished ... but perhaps sometimes only abandoned!

Sins of a Stranger - Quentin Cope

When Charlotte, the titled Lady Bourchier and Duchess of Millbury is forced to witness, in horrific detail, the murder of her father Glenn Carlisle, she has little choice but to face her demons and find the killer. However, it is a series of family matters that drive her back to France and the recovery of her mother's family estates. It's there she meets a man she feels she is destined to marry. In this exciting finale, the third book in the Carlisle trilogy, the unraveling of circumstances and situations expose an unexpected vulnerability for Charlotte. What part will the mysterious Mr. James 'Monty' Gittins play when lives are finally about to be laid on the line? This story follows the life of Charlotte from the death of her father in 1976 through to a thrilling conclusion in 1990 and ending the complete seventy one year long narrative begun in 1919.